3 Mart 2007 Cumartesi

İstıklal'de sihirbazlık

Ayrıca Nina ve Barış da çok şık ve eğlenceli iki karakter. Nina yazar Barışsa moda tasarımcısı ve çizeri. Nina senin çocuk kitabını bekliyoruz ve çizgili kırmızı pantolonuna da bayıldım. Barış senle de sanat konuşalım.

çok güzel bir gün !!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We are the Land,
We are the Earth,
Why worry
Other than Rebirth.
Come to Time
Of no Time;
Just Space, Matter and Spirit
Run Wild
to the unconsciousness
of the MIND.

I believe in
not believing
in mankind,
until the time
no man will exist
without self in mind.
Which I would call
The Flipside of the
Total Eclipse
of the Sun.

o4.o5.2005 Rantes

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*People are out with their complete present time and health. Without awareness- regular breathings that might make future possible, owners of inevitable -unconsciously-, they walk around either bamboozled or nervous, and they live the unnecessary and the superficial.

You think of Western Civilization when you say my civilization. What if you were all alone on this Earth, even if nothing was destroyed or demolished as it is today ( even you were together with people that think alike ) What function of your own civilization could you re-activate again? Hmmmm! That’s the end. Your street won’t go any further.

What is it that makes patriarchal society comfortably numb? Isn’t it where men seems dominant, women are surpressed and looked down on, however , in reality where women are envied and justified in administrative role – just as in nature- “ Light and Collective Ass-kissing Culture, Patriarchism?...Where everybody knows everything better than everybody. Everybody is a philosopher. But, what could a man who can rest by leaning his head onto a fully-stretched rope, even possibly have anything to do with a philosophers’ ( who needs a bed to rest upon ) teachings?

Wait a minute..Aren’t you nervous enough for not to be modest? Or you’d never been modest,
therefore your nervousness is never ending?

The faster you use up life, with an equalivant speed, life will be consumed and gone. Life is long for those who know how to be lazy and fool around. Labour and Action understands humans on the brink of death. What a pity, it’s already too late. A man could understand the natural length of life when he guards himself from constant interventions. That’s when he can understand the natural length of life that he could have met.

He can hardly bend his knees. His steps are not that long. But, whoever it is that ‘d never been a disciple for anything, he can absorb any form of light better than anyone.

What is it that you would demolish if given the chance? Of course, the barrier of knowledge you own.

If there is no sunlight, know how to mature on ice.

Rantes, March 2006

* This is a compilation of some thoughts by Henri Michaux and my own two sense on it.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Old Thought Crumbs

Discipline is to Learn,
To Learn is to Look,
To Look is to See,
To See is to Love,
To Love is to Understand.
Love is Divine,
And I Love You....

Rantes, 2004

Thought= Knowledge + Memory
Idea= Thought + Synthesis
Ego= Envy + Greed + Obsession
Jealousy= Judgement + Assumption + Execution
Talent= Curiosity + Observation + Synthesis
Happiness= Joy + Vitality + Love
Success= Idea + Vision + Will + Discipline + Vitality
Intelligence= Awareness ( Knowledge + Observation + Synthesis ) + Independence + Method
Experience= Slyness + Passion ( sometimes Obsession ) + Love + Disappointment ( sometimes Joy )

- Thought is always Old. Everything starts from Fear. Fear brings Pleasure and Pain. Remedy is Love. Love is Unique. Love doesn't contain Comparison,Conflict,Seperation and Judgement. That isAbsolute Reality.

- Fear corresponds to Ego, Pleasure c. to Passion, Pain c. to Drama. Love is One...Love is Divine. That's the Reality of the Heart.

- Ego is an split-personality Disorder.

- Love is a Basic Human Right.

- Respect to Human Soul is always Underestimated.

- Life is Fluid. Life is a Game. Life is an Attitude. However Choice is always Yours.....

Rantes, 2004 ( n.k.a Uni-T )

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Ya tipler güzel de, bence daha fazla fotoğraf yüklemelisiniz.....Ya hani benim fotomu çekicektiniz :p Ayıp oluyo ama :)